Treatment - Payne Relief
Treatment - Payne Relief
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Therapeutic Massage &

The Niblett Technique


The Niblett Technique is a specialised sequence of manipulation of soft and deep tissue, to correct misalignment of tendinous tissue, to realign muscles and ligaments for optimal placement and function, and to enable correction of posture and structural problems.


Mr Allan Niblett, a specialist in sports and massage therapies, developed the technique over a period of some fifty years experience in sporting associations and therapeutic practice in Australia.


Specialising in sports massage and week to week body maintenance, Troy’s special techniques the relief of symptoms is almost immediate and is ideal for cases such as:


  • Muscle spasm
  • Sprains
  • Frozen shoulders and joints
  • Sciatic nerve and lumbar problems
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shoulder and neck tension
  • Ankle and knee ligament/tendon misalignment


This technique is so unique and has such a huge success rate that people fly from all over Australia to attend the clinic here at Payne Relief. Troy was trained with none other than the founder himself Allan Niblett and has been practicing this technique for over 15 years.


Troy Payne is a master of the NIBLETT technique which only a select few know and he has been helping many sporting teams and sporting stars get the most out of their body and game.


From day to day body maintenance to extreme sporting injuries, Troy will asses your body, find the problem area and treat to your specific needs to increase mobility, correct imbalances, relieve tension and injury and allow more freedom in the body.


Treatments take between 45min-1hr.


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